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Each project begins with a simple task. A strategic strategy with profound perspectives is needed to make sure the project meets its full potential and is successful on the market. This is the intent of company research.
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Catalyze business first technology Innovative IT Solutions

When automation, scalability, security, communication, and operational processes are challenged, we are of great assistance to your organizational development, optimizing resources while achieving customer satisfaction and retention.


Providing cool digital tools for the resolution of complex business issues.

More than just your typical technology company, we try to be. We hope that our culture, diversity, and honesty will represent our strategic partners’ and solutions, our excellent delivery processes, and our best solutions, beginning with the people we employ.


-Be intelligent and optimistic.

-Complete the task.

-To all be caring.

-Come and get excited and positive.

-Be a sharp elbow collaborative.

What makes us unique

Our customers are loyal and we care about the solutions that we deliver. When dealing with a client, we look at the bigger picture and find ways to suit the changing business needs.

The power of our team is our passion and we are a real technology professional with an extensive background in conducting multiple projects in different areas of technology and industry and are up to date. We help you discover, create and deliver the necessary technologies for your correct mission.

Business development & strategies

We and your team are working with you to develop long-term business strategies, which boost your income and ensure long-term growth. Our main goal is to help:

  • Understand the business climate
  • Select powerful KPIs
  • Establish long-term relationships with clients
  • Implement input from customers
  • Maintain the content and interface of your website fresh
  • Accelerate response time for your client

Web &Mobile development

We build awesome websites  which identify your brand. We are  competent in:
  • Website Redesign
  • Corporate websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Chatbots
  • Customised software solutions
  • CMS websites
  • Data Analysis

Digital Marketing concepts

Get your brand noticed by audiences and draw on our digital marketing expertise. We help brands shift from easy sales to actual solutions. Our unique designs allow a substantially lower cost of brand exposure and consumer commitment. Our know-how is:
  • Improve online visibility
  • Keyword Research
  • Map Keywords
  • Optimize Your Site
  • Content Creation
  • Boost Link Equity
  • Build Your Social Media Network
  • Understand Analytics

Take your business to the next level with us

Established by an energetic team of technicians and thinkers. Pettinsky Karisa tries, while catalyzing latest technologies, to offer cost-effective solutions focussing on customers. In everything we do, we deliver consistency and dedication.

With demonstrated ability to design integrated customer and management strategies that catalyze creative IT programs that solve the present challenges of organizational growth.

When automation, scalability, protection, communication and organizational processes are challenged, we help to maximize resources while achieving customer loyalty and retention.

Our young, hard-working, professional people and IT enthusiast gathered together to deliver very simple, cost-effective and amazing solutions.

We are a certified small business company and in Kenya we create and provide business-led IT solutions.

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Strategy Development

Karisa Dzombo

I believe in infinite abundance mindset

Software Developer

Akonya Michael

I am a backed software engineer with experience designing and creating distributed applications.

Database Management

Kenneth Muiruri

What interests me is technology, entrepreneurship & venture capitalism, not forgetting traveling , food and meeting new people.

Software Developer

Mboya Danroylex

Catalyze innovative IT initiatives

Graphics Design

Collins Muchiri

Everything is art.

Partner with a software development firm that has been proven to work

Each project begins with a simple task. A strategic strategy with profound perspectives is needed to make sure the project meets its full potential and is successful on the market. This is the intent of company research.